Gilan (گیلان)
Enjoying splendid natural beauty, a pleasant climate, lofty mountains covered with lush vegetation and luxuriant forests this province attracts large number of visitors each year.

Situation to the south of the Caspian Sea (the largest land locked body of water in the world), Gilan covers an area of 14709 sq kms. This province is bounded on the north by the Caspian Sea, on the west by Ardabil, on the east by Mazandaran and on the south by Zanjan.

The high Alborz Mountains, sealing off the narrow Caspian strip, trap humidity and create a mild humid region with luxuriant forests and swamps. Being the most humid region in Iran, the annual precipitation is about 200 cm. The following are Gilan's chains of mountains: the wastern mountains which include Talesh and Masuleh and the eastern mountains including part of the Alborz. The rivers are numerous, most of which originate in hte Alborz mountains.

But the Sefid Rud, the largest river in Gilan,originate in the interior plateau of Iran, flowing into the Gilan plain and then to the Caspian Sea. Other important rivers are the Pol Rud and the Shalman Rud.



Souma'eh Sara-Talesh-Fuman-Masuleh-Lahijan

Field Of Tea, Lahijan


View Of Lahijan

Rasht Located in the center of ht eplateaue of Gilan, Rash is 323 kms distant from Tehran. It has a mild humid climate.

Dating back to the pre-Islamic period, this city has been an important center for trade and agricultural activities. While these continue to be of high importance in the economy of Ratite, the development of industries city. Utilitarian and decorative articles in wood and crochet produced in Rasht havenation-wide fame.


Gilan's handicrafts

The handicrafts of Gilan are rich in diversity, the most well-known of which are decorative and utilitarian articles in wood, straw mats, gelims (carpets made of goals' hair), jajims (fine carpets made of wool or cotton), earthenware, ceramcs, charughs (peasant's shoes) and felt carpets.

Olive, various kinds of regional jams and sweets (the most well-known of which is Kolucheh) produced in Gilan have nation-wide fame.

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